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PRINCE William and Kate became the Duke and Duchess of the Decks today when they took a lesson in scratching records at a hip hop school.
A WOMAN has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the bodies of three children were found in a house in Surrey.
TODAY’S Google Doodle is an atmospheric painting of the dragon-slaying Saint George.
BRITAIN’S shambolic justice system was slammed by a sex assault victim last night after sentencing of her attacker was halted for the 11th time.
VOTED our favourite double act, this classic British staple hasn’t always enjoyed its perfect pairing status
A RETIRED Royal Navy Captain was under arrest last night after allegedly crashing a car into a prestigious sailing club at 70mph, sparking a massive blaze.
A COLLECTION of mugshots warning the publicans of 1905 about notorious drunken Scots was sold at auction for £1,500 yesterday.
FERN BRITTON stopped taking anti-depressants two years ago – despite fearing she would be on them “until she died”.
SIX more organisations quit the CBI yesterday after it backed a No vote in the upcoming independence referendum.
A ONE-off injection that prevents migraines from striking will offer new hope to millions of sufferers.
SHOPPERS are bracing themselves for a supermarket price war after Tesco slashed the cost of more than 40 staple foods.
AN independent Scotland should hold a referendum on EU membership, according to a former leader of the SNP.
NIGEL Farage yesterday dismissed as a “non issue” criticism that a “voter” in the UK Independence Party’s European election manifesto was actually one of his aides.
COUNCIL bosses have been blasted as a “laughing stock” by residents for spending taxpayers money on a new cycle lane that is just four metres long.
THIS is the shocking moment a mother pushed her two-month-old baby in a pram onto rail tracks after a heated row with the boy’s father.
A FISHERMAN spent an hour and a half catching an 11 foot record breaking shark and then BARBECUED it and ate it with his friends.
PREMIER League giants Manchester United have seen their valuation surge more than £110million after sacking beleaguered boss David Moyes today.
VIEWERS of new period drama, Jamaica Inn, were left disappointed last night after they were left struggling to hear what the actors were saying.
A DISTRAUGHT pet owner has been reunited with his lost dog after spending £1,000 on hiring a helicopter.